current gala ambassador

A long tradition over the last 50 years of the Brighouse Charity Gala has been to have a Gala Queen in the procession and during the afternoon. This changed in 2016 to be the Gala Ambassador and such is open to both Girls and Boys of any age 16 to 90 years. It is intended to provide a recognition to the outstanding commitment and charity that an individual has provided to our community. Brighouse Ladies Circle have kindly offered to continue the administration of this award.

Qualification: Man or Woman aged over 15 from the Brighouse district who has been outstanding in providing charitable help to our community. This can be help in any form to an individual or a group and can have taken place within the last five years. The purpose being to provide recognition to their efforts and award some financial assistance to the charity of their choice.

Candidates: Many of you reading this will know of someone who fits the qualification. Please take time to nominate them (with their permission) by written request for consideration. The request form is on our web site it should include the candidates details along with a description in not more than 50 words of why they are outstanding. Approval must be obtained from the candidate.
The form is then to be sent to Brighouse Ladies Circle This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 23 April.

Consideration will be given to all applications received by the forth Thursday in April by Ladies Circle members with the best nominations selected for final review at the Brighouse Gala Exec committee meeting on the second Wednesday of May when the winner will be announced.

The successful candidate will be expected to be available to join the Gala procession and receive a badge of office along with a cheque for £100 payable to the charity of their choice on the day of the Gala. The title of Brighouse Charity Gala Ambassador will last for one year during which time they may be called on to promote the Gala.

The candidate should also be prepared to accept publicity arising from the appointment.

If for any reason the Gala executive committee consider the candidate is not following the benefit of the Gala then the title may be withdrawn.