five dogs with rosettes

If you have a dog and are interested in entering them into the very popular Companion Dog Show here is all the information you need to know.

The Dog Show is held and managed under Kennel Club Regulations and the judge, Ms. Lorna Dandy, is registered with the Kennel Club to judge dog shows.

Puppies MUST be a minimum of 6 months of age on the day of show in order to compete as per the Kennel Club Regulations.

Entries are taken from 12 o'clock noon, check the map for the location. Fees are £2.00 per class, or enter 3 classes for £5.00.

Pedigree classes (Start from 1pm)

  1. Any Variety Puppy (6 to 12 months)
  2. Any Variety Sporting
  3. Any Variety Non-Sporting
  4. Any Variety Open

Novelty classes (Start from 2pm)

  1. Child Handling
  2. Special Rescue
  3. Most Appealing Eyes
  4. Veteran (7-10 years)
  5. Vintage (10 years+)
  6. Best Crossbreed
  7. Most Handsome Dog
  8. Prettiest Bitch
  9. Best Condition
  10. Waggiest Tail
  11. The dog the Judge would most like to take home

There will be;

  • Gala Trophy for the BEST IN SHOW from pedigree classes 1-4
  • Gala Rosettes in all classes
  • Best in show - Best Puppy rosette (Donated by the Judge)
  • Best in show - Best Variety rosette (Donated by the Judge)
  • Best Child Handler rosette (Donated by the Judge)
  • Other special's on the day

For further information you can contact: 0113 345 8442 or 07810 437 768

Thanks to all the people who help make this such a wonderful event especially the judge for (err) Judging and you for bringing your dog