What happens to the money raised at the Gala 

 There are several ways in which money is raised at the Gala.

  • Ticket Sales
  • Procession
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising
  • Trade Stands
  • Businesses

Once the costs of running the Gala have been paid, such as toilet hire, stage hire and other operating expenses to ensure the Gala can go ahead an agreed amount is kept back for a contingency fund to ensure that there are sufficent funds to pay advance costs for the following year's Gala. The remainder is the distributed amongst the charities and organisations which had stalls and raised funds on the day. The cheques are then handed out at the AGM usually held in October.

Do all the charities get an equal share

Yes - Assuming the Gala made a profit, all the charities and organistions that had stalls on the day and handed in money to the Gala Treasurer will receive a percentage uplift. Once profit has been calculated this is then expressed as a percentage of TOTAL monies handed in and this percentage will then be used to calculate the uplift due to each one.

Is the Brighouse Charity Gala a registered charity?

Brighouse Charity Gala is not a registered charity in itself, it is an event organiser to provide a vehicle for organisations with charitable status to participate in the running of an annual ONE-DAY event held within the township of Brighouse. To encourage the community to contribute to this  event by offering admission tickets and programmes as a means of raising monies to cover necessary expenses incurred in staging the Brighouse Charity Gala. To promote the township of Brighouse and to foster the spirit of COMMUNITY by offering people an opportunity to share in an outdoor activity, open to all.

Executive Committee

President - Richard Mitchell

Life Vice President - Richard Mitchell

Chairperson - Peter Charles

Vice Chair - Louise Reed

Executive Secretary - Emma Weekes

Treasurer - Sue Brewster

Ground Chairperson - Emma Weekes

Procession Chairperson - Pat Parker

Health & Safety - Dilys Coop

Quatermaster - Scott Bower

Tickets & Posters - Steve Sykes

Gala Ambassador - Brighouse Ladies Circle

Programme Chairman - Duncan Armitage

All the committee members can be contacted by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where it will be forwarded onto the relevant person.